Our Services

We live in the best country in the world. Not a perfect place but as good as it gets. We have the freedom to live the lives we desire. Unfortunately, that freedom allows some to follow an unlawful path. Our society does have a fine law enforcement service but it does have its limitations. Executive Protection Services, exists to fill the void that law enforcement can’t cover.

Our services offered can evolve quickly. Today our staff might be conducting vaccination compliance enforcement for local businesses. Tomorrow they could be acting as security guards protecting people and property. Next week they can be on mobile patrol, securing facilities, or responding to alarms.

We offer security services to businesses, facilities, executives, and homeowners. We can be hired for long-term ongoing needs or one-time events. 24-hours a day, evenings and weekends or only for alarm response. The training that our staff receives makes them the logical choice for your security needs. Training that your staff or volunteers likely won’t have.
We provide reception and concierge services for small and large businesses and gatherings. Our staff members are qualified as parking structure attendants. They can provide any security guard functions. Our staff is able to provide foot and mobile patrol services. These can be on an ongoing contract or individually as needed.

Loss prevention services for retail, construction, and commercial businesses.

We also can conduct investigations and provide emergency response. We invite you to call us to discuss your requirements. Executive Protection Services has a great reputation for satisfied, long-term customers. Serving Regina, SK and area with pride.

For those that like to get down to the brass tacks. We have provided a bulleted list below:

Loss prevention
Tactical Guards
Mobile patrol and alarm response
Personal/VIP escort
Oil and gas security
Event security (large and small)
Retail security
Labour disputes
Traffic services- flagging, and radar
Boiler and chiller inspections