Executive Protection Services is expanding. We require quality candidates for positions across our operations. Executive Protection Services has a multi-stage recruitment strategy. We start with an interview process conducted by our human resources team. From there, we determine applicant suitability. That follows the standards and policies set forth by Executive Protection Services.

Once completed, it is determined what level of training the candidate has. What further training will be required by the individual. To meet managements’ expectations as a professional security officer on our staff. We put the successful candidates through our multi-level training program.

The training consists of mandatory basic security guard training. It also includes cultural sensitivity training and defensive tactics. Some of our staff are trained to carry and safely use handcuffs and batons. Once the staff are deemed ready, we have them train in the field with experienced and qualified staff. This instills the knowledge and confidence required for desired performance.

We also host regular webinars. We feature a variety of industry-related topics and issues. This format also facilitates communication amongst team members. If you are interested in joining our team?

Please feel free to email Jon Zanger (

To apply for a security position please follow the link below: